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Summer Camp 2018 Day 9

Summer Camp 2018 Day 9 – 

Summer is the perfect time to stretch a child’s imagination and intellect. The “Fun in the Sun” camp for children of classes I-VIII, provided a blend of fun and discovery with activities designed to encourage children to experience new information about the world in which they live and build their creativity. This 9-day camp familiarized campers to the basic Yogasanas and aerobics, making them aware of the importance of physical exercise. It was followed by an hour of dynamic contests of 7-stone game for the senior students and Roll into the Goal game for the juniors. The creative session of the higher classes incorporated wall and door painting whereas the younger ones tried their hands on delicious cake baking. In knowledge development period, the students of classes VI-VIII showed their efficacy in handling Abacus for different calculations. The art of storytelling was taken up for classes I-V where the kids concocted their stories with proper pauses, expressions and voice modulation. It was complemented by a special fun hour of splashing rain dance event for the seniors. On the other hand, the littler ones went through the challenging Iron man obstacle race to prove their muscle power. By the end of day 9, campers had already learnt about creative arts, cooking, storytelling, movie making, dance, public speaking, mathematical calculations, outdoor play and much more. We concluded the last day with a takeaway of the school mug for all. The ‘Thank You’ and the smiles from the kids told us that the Summer Camp had indeed been a success.

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