Summer Camp 2018 Day 8 | Delhi Public School Ghaziabad International

Summer Camp 2018 Day 8

Summer Camp 2018 Day 8 – 

The camp fun at DPSG International is soaring high with all the new happenings. The day started with a good 30 minutes of mindfulness relaxation through Yoga. The children carried out various asanas out in the fresh open air and warmed up with the upbeat aerobic steps. The cheerful mood continued with the energetic Footloose activity where the seniors performed solo dances and challenged each other for a face off. The younger ones, on the other hand, tried out different activities with the skipping ropes. The creative session for the juniors was based on the theme “Best out of waste” where they renovated the used-plastic bottles with colourful paint. The elder students heightened their creativeness with the innovative door and wall painting. The knowledge-building session for classes VI-VIII included the use of Abacus in performing various calculations and coding, whereas the junior classes learnt to use the tools of PowerPoint and Movie Making. It was followed by the thrilling rain dance where all the younger ones joined in for the splash. The seniors faced the challenge of completing the ‘Iron man’ obstacle race where they had to come out of their comfort zones to prove their mettle persistently. With all the joy and excitement each day, the students can’t wait for another camp day!

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