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32215127_633940683609114_7587354985910763520_nSTEAM 2K18 – 

4 teams (comprises of 16 students) from DPSG International participated in an Inter-school competition, STEAM 2K18 which was held at RAMAGYA School on Saturday, 5th May’ 2018. Students were asked to solve an on the spot problem and complete a creative activity within a period of 40 minutes. Division 1 students had to throw the provided balls in the bowl using the material provided on the condition that they couldn’t touch the ball along with the task of writing a story. Division 2 students got the task of making a crane using straws which could lift the maximum weight along with a poster. One team from division 1 comprising HARSHIT DAKSH, ADVIK SINGH, MALAVIKA VASHISHTH and AYANA GUPTA got the second prize and the second team consisting of HEMIKA VERMA, JEEVANSHU TYAGI, RAGHAV JUNEJA and MANVI CHAUHAN got the third prize. The competition helped in enhancing team building and problem solving skills along with creative thinking skills. The fun of participation will also help in elevating interest in regular classroom curriculum. 

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