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Skype Session with Russian School

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Skype Collaboration between Buturlinovskaya School, Russia and The DPSG International Ghaziabad, India, on “SEE GREEN SEE LIFE”

Introducing Sustainable Development Goals in students can not only raise awareness but can also motivate students to take actions and make a difference in the world. Keeping the same view in mind students of grade 4 and 5 had an interactive session with their partner Russian school under the guidance of Ms. Payal Khera as a part of ISA activity on Sustainable living. Students shared ideas related to Sustainable living such as rights and responsibilities towards their surroundings, biodiversity, recycling etc. They also discussed about global conservative concerns like Deforestation and sustainable consumption across different developed and developing nations. During their skype session students of grade 4 and 5 showcased themselves as conservers, collaborators and idea generators who have potential to significantly impact their communities and the world. The students posed questions, presented solutions and engaged effectively with the real world. A special thanks to Ms. Payal Goel for arranging the session with partner school Russia and Priya ma’am for lending all her support for the same.

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