Science Week Day 3 | Delhi Public School Ghaziabad International

Science Week Day 3

Science Week Day 3 – 

The DPSGI believes that science is a way of thinking, much more than it’s the body of knowledge. Keeping this thought in mind, Science week is being organized in school. The third day was welcomed with Float and sink activity in classes 1 and 2 where students were given various objects to drop in the water, observe and conclude if the objects float or sink. They prepared a chart and recorded their observations in it. Class 3 was engaged in demonstrating Science in Daily Life through experiments on Air and Pressure. An activity on Crossword puzzle was conducted in grade 4 based on food and nutrition. Class 5 was involved in flameless cooking including all possible nutrients in their ‘Nutrient Platter’ and served it to their friends and others. The students enjoyed the activity and improved upon their knowledge.

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