Science Week Day 1 | Delhi Public School Ghaziabad International

Science Week Day 1

Science – Poetry of Reality – 

The DPSGI believes that science is a way of thinking, much more than it’s the body of knowledge. Keeping this thought in mind, Science week is being organized in school. It was introduced with a wide range of activities. Classes 1 and 2 demonstrated Science in daily life through simple experiments. It was a pleasure to see the students performing experiments independently and making efforts to explain it.  Class 3 was involved in a poster making competition on Earth Day. Class 4 was engaged in a group discussion on the topic – “Deforestation is important for development”. Class 5 Participated in an Intra class role play on famous scientists, the students came dressed as Newton, C.V Raman, Marie Curie etc. It engaged all the students as they enjoyed the activities and were able to learn something at the same time.

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