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PEC activity

PEC Activity – 

First week after the summer vacations is a truly momentous occasion that should be designed in a way so that the tiny tots of STARZ feel a wave of excitement and enjoy all the activities with full zeal.

Many types of interesting games and fun activities were planned for the kids making the first week an exciting experience.

Children took part in a PEC activity on alphabets and numbers named as Hopscotch which was designed by the teacher on the floor. They played few very interesting games like Fire in the mountain and Poshampa. They participated in Hurdle race and Bean balancing race which enhanced their gross motor skills. There was an interesting story telling session and watching movie which helped children enhance their communication skills. Students made finger puppet to help develop their fine motor skills.

All in all the whole week was full of activities making it as an exciting and welcoming experience which makes a huge difference in a child’s career.

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