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10-300tpd edible cooking oil press in russia

300tpd-1000tpd soya extraction for Russia Brazil KZ

300tpd-1000tpd soya extraction for Russia Brazil KZ

1, soya extraction brief introduction 2, soya extraction main equipment
1. Solvent pumps: continuously spray solvent to the rotary-typr extractor.
2. Solvent extractor: spray and soak the soybean cake with solvent so that oil fats can be dissolved in solvent (form miscella). After processing, you can get wet meal and miscella (mixed oil).
3. DTDC: used to separate the solvent from the wet meal.
4. Miscella tank 1st: pump the miscella ( oil with solvent) into the miscella 1st, then add 10% saline water to it. The phospholipid and impurities in the miscella will react with the saline water, at last the reactant precipitate, reaching the goal of purifying.
5. Miscella tank 2nd: the purified miscella will be pumped into it.
6. Miscella stripping: it will remove the remaining solvent in miscella. And the solvent will be discharged to condenser for recycling.
7. Condensers: used to cooling the solvent gas separated from the wet meal and miscella for recycling. Solvent Extractor Advantages:1) The material is divided into several independent units on the material bed, which can effectively prevent miscella at all levels from fleeing hither and thither on the material layer and ensure the concentration gradient between several sprays. 2) Immersion area appears in each lattice, which can help achieve better immersion effect.3) The chain box is supported by track and can prolong the service life of screen deck by not touching it. 4) The towlin...
Sunflower oil russia for cooking edible oil by 35years experienced supplier

Sunflower oil russia for cooking edible oil by 35years experienced supplier

What is the sunflower oil russiaAs for oil extraction plant, that is using oil extraction method and choosing an organic solvent which can dissolve oil, after contacting with pretreated oil-- spray or immersion, so that oil can be extracted. As the boliling point of solvent and oil are different, after evaporation and stripping, the solvent are evaporating and we can get crude oil.sunflower oil russia general flow chart Solvent-- Extractor--Mixed oil -- 1st and 2nd evaporation -- Stripping tower -- Crude oilWet meal -- DTDC toaster -- MealFeatures of sunflower oil russia
1.Adopting negative pressure evaporation can ensure excellent oil quality
2.Extraction system is highly adaptable and can adapt to different raw material
3.All equipment is provided with exhaust gas absorption systems with excellent absorption effect
4.Full energy-saving design utilizes heat energy for many times and saves steam consumptionAdvantages of sunflower oil russiaTowline extractor, Rotocel extractor, loop extractorEvaporation and steam stripping equipmentDTDC high efficient energy-saving toasterThe craft index for 20-200 TPD sunflower oil russia
1.Solvent consumption:
2.5kg per ton raw material
2.Steam consumption: 250-300kg per ton raw material
3.Electricity consumption:12-19kw.h per ton raw material
4.Water consumption: 0.2m3 per ton raw material
5.Residual oil of meal: ≤0.5-
6.Residual solvent of meal: ≤500ppm(passing detonatio...
Edible oil refineries in russia

Edible oil refineries in russia

1.Characteristics of oil refineries in russia This units belongs to intermittent refining oil equipment, has all functions of large, small scale intermittent refining equipment, and better than them. This equipment can produce high-cooking oil or salad oil. This units complete set combined, self-prepare heat source, gas source, electrics control. Light weight, save electricity , convenient use, this machine do not need special basis, either indoor or outdoor is OK, just need to make up power source, water, prepare coal, alkali, P-acid, active clay, edible salt and other consume materials.
2.Main refining process of oil refineries (1).P-acid degumming operation of oil refineries Drawing the filtered or settled crude oil into the neutral pot, control oil te-mperature 40 ° C, liquid level cover the neutral pot volume about 80 %.Add into the neutral pot P-acid with 85% concentration, 0.1-0.2% oil weight.Start up neutral pot, make main shalf stirring at 60-70 r/min, finish de-gumming in 30 min.(2)alkali de-acid operation of oil refineries After finish de-gumming process, at once add into lye carrying alkali refini-ng de-acid, lye concentration 16 ° Be ′, super alkali is 0.1-0.3% oil weight, afterfinish adding, continuous stirring 30min, when soap particles accumulated condensing, should reduce stirring speed, 30r/min avoid emulsion. After adding alkali, gradually rising temp to the end temp 65 ° C, see to th-at the rising temp speed should control at 1 degree ...
indian cooking oil refinery oil refineries in russia mobile oil refineries

indian cooking oil refinery oil refineries in russia mobile oil refineries

indian cooking oil refinery oil refineries in russia mobile oil refineries
1.Compendium Use rational refiner technology, a little investment, easy operation. According to the quality of cake, adjust technological parameter, many kinds of oil grade can bu produced.
2.Scope and raw material Scope: 5T/D Palm Oil Refinery Line Raw material: Acid(HOKmmg/g) :< 1
5.0 Impurity(%) :≤
2.0 Moisture and volatile(%) :≤
3. Plan: Finished oil comply the Chinese standard
4. target Electric consumption:< 24 kw·h/t oil Cycle Water consumption: < 15m3/t oil Soft water :< 180kg/t oil Accessory consumption: Clay < 3%, phosphoric acid <0.2% Refiner consumption L%=1- refining yield% has relation with quality of rude oil and acid value.
5.Description of the Process.
2. Description of main Process The crude palm oil has less hydratable & non-hydratable phosphoric acid and high FFA.
Cooking oil manufacturing machines, refinery in russia, cotton seed oil refinery machinery

Cooking oil manufacturing machines, refinery in russia, cotton seed oil refinery machinery

Cooking oil manufacturing machines, refinery in russia, cotton seed oil refinery machinery QI'E MAIN BUSINESS FIELD: 30-1000T/D oil continuous grade one or two physical (chemical) refining production line; Qi'e mainly undertakes the process design, production, installation and debugging turn-key project of the pretreatment, pre-pressing, extraction, refining, fractionation, protein concentrate process and the deep processing of farm and sideline products.Especifically, it includes the design of process, equipment, electric power distribution, automatic control, civil engineering, building shell, and the development of new process etc. A lot of processes developed by Qi'e company have been successfully applied, such as the dehulling process of soy, the extraction process with puffing, the negative evaporation process, the continuous process of physical refining, the process for superfine fragrant peanut oil, the phospholipid concentrate process etc. MAIN PROCESS OF REFINING:ABOUT CRUDE OIL REFINING: The crude oil refining process is quite identical. There are two routes are taken to process crude oil into refined oil; which are chemical (basic) refining and physical refining. The methods differ basically in the way the fatty acids are removed from the oil. Physical ref...
sunflower cooking oil machines popular in Ukraine and Russia

sunflower cooking oil machines popular in Ukraine and Russia

sunflower cooking oil machines
1. Installation and Training Included
2. High Oil Yield3,Save Solvent4,CE,BV,ISO sunflower cooking oil machines popular in Ukraine and RussiaMobile : 15938721580Skype : cathy.wu666Alibaba: cn1500376114 Sunflower oil great value:
1.contains folic acid, which helps the body manufacture new cells.
2.contains zinc. Zinc is great because it helps maintain a healthy immune system which helps in the healing of wounds.
3.lower cardiovascular diseases and the chance of heart attack.
5. helps keep cholesterol levels low
6.prevent cancers such as uterine, lung and skin
7.contains vitamin B which is good for a healthy nervous system
8.prevent rheumatoid arthritis9.The vitamin E in sunflower oil is a moisturizer and helps cells retain water1
1. incorporate selenium into your diet. By having higher levels of selenium in your blood, you reduce the risk of lung and skin cancers1
2.Prevents Asthma and Colon Cancer1
3.neutralizes cancer causing free radicals sunflower cooking oil machines as follows:The pretreatment process of making sunflower oil:(The sunflower seed oil yield > 25%. So it is better to pr...
Cooking sunflower oil processing equipment in Russia

Cooking sunflower oil processing equipment in Russia

Cooking sunflower oil processing equipment ( Take complete refined sunflower oil plant as example )The Sunflower kernel accounts for 70-80% of the seed and the oil content is about 40%-45% in the seeds. The whole sunflower oil plant contains three s:
1.Sunflower oil press introduction:It is necessary for hulling the sunflower seeds before pressing, so it could reduce the wax content of final oil, which is bad for human. Cleaning process: In order to obtain high effective cleaning, ensure good work condition and production stability, high efficient vibration screen was used in the process to separate big and small impurity. Suction type gravity stoner removing machine was applied to remove the shoulder stone and earth, and magnetic separation equipment without power and exhaust system were used to remove iron. Dust removing wind net is installed. Softening process: material enters softening drum through feeding auger, and turns over with the rotating drum. The rotating drum is equipped with heating tube, and there is steam in the tube. When material turns over continuously with the rotating drum, seed is heated to 50-70°C and is fully softened, which can improve seed plasticity, make seed flake thin and burly and improve extraction effect. Flaking Process: hydraulic compact roller flaker is used to ensure ...
Qi'e high quality crude cooking oil refinery machine, refinery in russia, refinery

Qi'e high quality crude cooking oil refinery machine, refinery in russia, refinery

Qi'e high quality crude cooking oil refinery machine, refinery in russia, refinery ABOUT QI'EZhengzhou Qi'e Grain and Oil Machinery Co,. Ltd. is located in The captical of Henan Province. Qi'e is leading oil processing and deep processing industry, especially the technology design & research and engineering construction of oil refining, fractionation, de-waxing, esterification, transesterfication, preparation of fatty acids & their derivatives, special grease processing and phosphatide concentrating etc. Qi'e has many senior technical staffs who major in oil technology and machinery. Meanwhile, Qi'e has engaged senior oil engineering professors in He Nan University of Technology. Qi'e established one research and development center together with He Nan University of Technology. With years' practice, Qi'e equipments and technology have been exported to Asia, Africa, South America regions and achieved good feedback from customers.


WHAT ARE REFINING MACHINES LIKE? WHAT WILL PRODUCT OIL IIKE?FUNCTIONS OF MAIN PARTS:(1) Refining section: used to P-acid de-gumming, alkali refining de-acid and water rinsing.(2) Decoloring section: used to remove off pigments, bleaching oils and grease dehydrate.(3) Deodorizing section: to remove off th...

200TPD edible oil mill in Russia

200TPD edible oil mill in Russia

200TPD edible oil mill in RussiaSpecifications of : 30T/D----800T/D Edible oil mill Soybean oil pretreatment of Edible oil mill :1) Weighing: Soybean is firstly stored in buffer tank which is for adjusting the soybean flow. By means of weighter the processed Soybean is weighted and the imputing quantity is accumulated.2) leaning and Impurities separating: By means of Vibrating Sieve the larger and smaller size impurities in Soybean are removed out. 3) Gravity De-stoner & Magnetic Separating: some impurities which are as almost same size as Soybean are still mixed in Soybean, but as their gravity or nature properties are different, by means of Gravity De-stoner and Magnetic Separator , the heavy stone and ferric impurities are separated out from Soybean. 4) Crushing & De-hulling: In order to increase protein content in Soya Meal, the de-hulling process is very significant. De-hulling system is composed of Cracking by two Crushing Mill which breaks Soybean into small pieces, and twice separating by Aspirators which separates Soy Hull out from Soya Meal. 5) Flaking: Flaking Machine is adopted for flaking Soya Meat into thin Flake, during which Soybean cell tissue is destroyed. 6) Expanding: The Soya Flake is fed into Expander in which heat is produced with the functions of kneading, friction between the sp...
Best seller in Russia sunflower edible oil processing line

Best seller in Russia sunflower edible oil processing line

MainTechnical Parameters of sunflower oil machine Sunflower oil maked process Sunflower seed - pretreatment - oil solvent extraction - oil refinery - packingSunflower oil plant pretreatment The process : sunflower seed - measure - clean - magnetic separation - crush - soften - flaking - cooking - pre - presser Sunflower oil plant of oil solvent extraction When we get the sunflower seed cake from pretreatment ,we need to put the cake to the extractor .Then the solvent oil dissolve in the oil . We get the mixed oil . We heat the mixed oil by vapor . And the solvent changes gas . Then we get the oil from the cake .The process is like oil extracted - wet meal desolvation - mixed oil vaporation - stripping by steam - solvent recovery Sunflower oil plant of refinery We want to get the one grade sunflower oil or two grade sunflower oil .And we must refined the crude oil ,by degumming ,decolorization , deodorization , deacidifiztion ,dewaxing . We wipe off the phospholipid , free fatty acid , color ,and smell ,wax . Then the sunflower oil can be used .The process is Crude oil - degumming - decolorization - deodorization - deacidification - dewaxing . Refined sunflower oil index moisture and volatile matter(%):≤0.05 insoluble impurity(%) :≤0.05 acid value(mg/g) :≤0.20 peroxide value(mmol/kg) :≤5 residual solvent content in oil: no no smell ,good taste smoking point: ≥215 degree Production Picture ...