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Club Activities

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“What makes a child gifted and talented may not always be good grades in school, but a different way of looking at the world and learning through several activities.” 
The club activities for session 2018-19 began with aplomb as the club in-charges took up various activities for the club members.
Home Science Club for the session 2018-19 started with the introductory class where students were informed about the yearly plan of the club. This was followed by a class of salads making where students learnt different types of salads including Subway salad. They enjoyed learning bread chumchum and making samosas of different shapes with different fillings. In the last meet before summer break they learnt to make malai chaap.
In the Debating Club the topic of discussion was Calling for National Strikes Resolves Issues. This resulted in a lively debate with very strong points from both sides. The debate elaborately specified the pros and cons of both the sides. It was amazing to see the students participate wholeheartedly and enthusiastically to prove their point.
In the CAS Club students prepared Red Cross Badges and posters to celebrate Red Cross Day. They also prepared a script for a play to be presented on the occasion of World Population Day and later rehearsed the play in the consecutive sessions.
Green Brigade club students planted fruit trees & developed a vegetable garden. Students selected a patch of land & sowed seasonal vegetables like Ladyfinger, gourd, bitter gourd etc. Earlier they prepared the land & added manure to it. They further divided themselves in two groups. One group looked out for weeds, pests & ensure proper growth of the plants and the other group looked after irrigation & composting.
On the occasion of Earth Day the CAS club students took up a tree plantation drive. They selected the empty places in nearby areas and roadsides to plant saplings in a well-organized way. Participants also fenced the saplings and watered the plants.

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