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Tell a Tale

We have grown up on stories narrated by our dadi, dadu, nani and nanu and other elders in our families. Those were old good days when we sat beside them and were transported to the world of fantasy along with their tales- The wit of Birbal, the righteousness of the Pandavas, the stories of Bikram and Beetal etc.... the same was done with students of class 3 where they learnt and experienced the feeling of sailing to their fantasy world in the theme " How we express ourselves" under the title " Tell a Tale". Each student presented a beautiful, moral based story and tried to inculcate the morals in their lives. They learnt the features, ways to tell stories, reason behind stories and enjoyed to their best. This could be observed when they giggled, smiled, asked questions, stared with widely opened eyes, and curiously asked "Ma'am what happened next"... And their curiously asked questions were answered by the teachers.