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Migration Class 5

The students of Grade 5 learnt about reasons and effects of migration on communities, cultures and individuals globally in Theme 4 - Where We Are In Place & Time. ‘Migration is a response to challenges, risks and opportunities.' This statement intrigued the students of grade 5 to further explore about Migration. The students made inquiry into the reasons why people migrate and the effects of migration. They followed the Kath Murdoch inquiry cycle and conducted research in groups to attain better understanding of the topic. In the initial stage the students shared the reasons of their migration from their native places. This activity helped them to relate their experience with the topic. The students moved further and researched to find the reasons of migration. They prepared Venn chart on Push & Pull factors of migration. They also presented a PPT on the same. To relate the topic with earlier migration they marked the way taken by Vasco da Gama to reach India on a map. This activity helped them to understand the reason of migration of European traders to India, emphasizing on reasons and effects of their migration. The students also analyzed different aspects of migration through Ishikawa - Fishbone diagram. They worked in groups and chose topic on their own. Some students took up Human Trafficking, while some chose illegal migration, whereas some chose Discrimination due to Migration. They analyzed and penned down the cause and effects of these topics. The students conducted research on some modern human migrations like Migrations of the Romani people since the 1400s and Migration of the \"boat people\" out of Vietnam after the end of the Vietnam War in 1975 The students concluded the theme by making posters on Human trafficking which is one of the most dreaded adverse effect of Migration