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Student Empowerment

Student Empowerment

The students at Delhi Public School Ghaziabad International are on their way to becoming Aware, Responsible and Empowered citizens who can take initiatives and make decisions. They are expected to emerge as confident, critical and creative thinkers who can reflect about their own personal value system as well as social value system and are sensitive and caring individuals.

For this the school provides avenues for students to explore their inherent talents in the fields of their organizing abilities and skills in leadership, and in the running of the day to day activities of the school by becoming a part of the School Prefectorial Board.

The school prefectorial board has members from the junior (IV-V) and well as the senior classes (X-XII)

Members of the school prefectorial board are chosen after multilevel selection training and programme.

The selection procedure begins with the filling of detailed nominations by the students wherein they highlight their previous years achievements and the coming year’s aims. This is followed by reviewing of forms by the facilitators and house moderators and sub-committee interviews.

The Sub-committee interviews are followed up by an intensive and grueling leadership camp where the short-listed candidates participate in a series of training sessions – both physical as well as skill based.

 This camp is followed up with another round of interaction with the school HOS and HM before the posts are finalized.

 The students are awarded their posts at a function with their parents in attendance.

Prefectorial board


Academic session 2017-18

Life Skill Club Vice Captain Senior


Life Skill Club Captain Senior


R & D Club Vice Captain Senior

Yashvin Pant

R & D Club Captain Senior


Green Brigade Club Vice Captain Senior

Vibhu Agarwal

Green Brigade Club Captain Senior

Srishti Tyagi

Sculpture Club Vice Captain Senior


Sculpture Club Captain Senior


Vigilance And Community Connect Club Vice Captain Senior

Arnav Jain

Vigilance And Community Connect Club Captain Senior

Harshit Anand

Debating Society Vice Captain Senior


Debating Society Captain Senior

Parth Aggarwal

Club Vice Captain Junior

Mohd. Athar Imran Saifi

Club Captain Junior

Suryansh Chelani

Cauvery House Prefect Senior


Cauvery House Vice Captain Senior

Vedant Chaudhary

Responsible and ever smiling,  Keyboard playing is an Art.

House Captain Cauvery

Varun Malhotra follows his heart.

Cauvery House Vice Captain Junior

Vishesh Singhal

Responsible and cooperative she always takes the onus It is

House Captain Cauvery Junior

Jiyana Gupta

Ganga House Prefect Senior

Sparsh Agarwal

Ganga House Vice Captain Senior

Akshat Agarwal

Sporty and active, he is always on the go. The

House Captain Ganga

Akshat Kaushik will have everyone in tow

Ganga House Vice Captain Junior

Tushar Malhotra

Diligent and respectful, ready to help allis our

House Captain Ganga Junior

Nandini Bhartiya

Satluj House Prefect Senior

Tanya Anand

Satluj House Vice Captain Senior

Mohammad Hanan Qadri

Sober and quiet, he knows how to get the work done,

House Captain Satluj

Sanchit Manglik also likes to have fun

Satluj House Vice Captain Junior

Arpit Gautam

Active andever smiling, He loves to work in a team

House Captain Satluj Junior

Yash Tyagi

Yamuna House Prefect Senior

Aditya Yadav

Yamuna House Vice Captain Senior

Manikho Michael

At the drums he always plays a rocking melody,

House Captain Yamuna

Nirupam Garg is a prodigy

Yamuna House Vice Captain Junior

Pravika Jain

Sincere and loveable, he has a pleasing personality, it is

House Captain Yamuna Junior

Lakshay Uppal

Task Force Prefect Girls Senior

Reetika Yadav

Task Force Prefect Boys Senior

Varan Aggarwal

Task Force Prefect Girls Junior


Task Force Prefect Boys Junior


Task Force Head Senior

Yagya Gupta

Task Force Captain Girls Junior


Task Force Captain Boys Junior

Archit Bhardwaj

Student Welfare Committee Member

Senior Rishabh Chauhan

Student Welfare Committee Member

Senior Manika Kaushik

Student Welfare Committee Member

Senior Khushi Khanna

Student Welfare Committee Member Senior Devak Singh
Student Welfare Committee Head Girls

Senior Ishita Gupta

Student Welfare Committee Head Boys

Senio rAnubhav Gupta

Student Welfare Committee Member

Junior Kushan Verma

Student Welfare Committee Head

Junior Anika Tandon

It Prefect Senior

Harshita Uppal

IT Secretary Senior

Pragati Juneja

It Vice Captain Senior

Sarthak Upadhyay

Presentations,Movies, C++ , is all a piece of cake, IT Captain

Ishaan Pathak is there for its sake

It Vice Captain Junior

Anirudh Goyal

Vigilant and aware about the world around IT Captain Junior 

Advik Singh never has a frown

Creative Art Prefect Senior

Aditi Bindal

Creative Art Secretary Senior

Deepali Midha

Creative Art Vice Captain Senior

Rishab Chaudhary

Sweet and charming, working with colours is her talent, our

Creative Art Captain

Shivangi Dhaka is exceptional

Creative Art Vice Captain Junior

Mitanshi Garg

Innovative and independent, he love to experiment it is our

Creative Art Captain Junior

Arnav Pathak

Cultural Prefect Senior

Shreyash Dube

Cultural Secretary Senior

Suhani Singh

Cultural Vice Captain Senior

Nandita Ayyar

Photography and theaterboth arehis incomparable skills. It is our

 Cultural Captain Impreet Singh

Cultural Vice Captain Junior

Adhayan Agarwal

Exuberant and lively he knows no stage fright

Cultural Captain Junior

Aveer Saxena is a delight

Literary Prefect Senior

Sparsh Garg

Literary Secretary Senior

Samiksha Garg

Literary Vice Captain Senior

Ayush Dube

Working withwords is her inherent talent  Literary Captain

Aravya Arya is brilliant

Literary Vice Captain Junior

Jia Sinha

Confident and an excellent orator is our Literary Captain Junior

Riya Saxena

Sports Prefect Girls Senior

Disha Jain

Sports Prefect Boys Senior

Anurag Choudhary

Sports Secretary Girls Senior


Sports Secretary Boys Senior


Sports Vice Captain Girls Senior

Sandali Jain

Sports Vice Captain Boys Senior

Pranjal Singh

In Speed and agility she is the best Sports Captain Girls

Aditi Bhainsora is always ahead of the rest

In Cricket andfootball he has no match

Sports Captain Boys

Arshad Khan knows how to hold his catch

Sports Vice Captain Girls Junior

Lavanya Goel

Sports Vice Captain Boys Junior


Agile and always a winner

Sports Captain Girls Junior

Suhani Goel is a great runner.

Football or cricket he plays them all

Sports Captain Boys Junior

Harshit Daksh

Vice Head Girl Senior


Vice Head Boy Senior

Vasu Agarwal

Vice Head Girl Junior

Gurleen Kaur

Vice Head Boy Junior

Tanush Kapoor

Academics, football, eloquence, she has it all our Head Girl Junior,

Pradanya Singh is always on call.

Intelligent and diligent she does everything well

Head Girl Anusha Goel always excels

His theater and acting is excellent

Head Boy Junior

Mohit Tiwary has this talent

Confident and a go getter, he knows how to lead and win hearts

Head Boy Ujjwal Goel is a class apart.